Earth Day 

IPL Brightgreen UK supports Earth Day in various ways to demonstrate our commitment to environmental sustainability. Here are some of the ways in which IPL Brightgreen are supporting Earth Day:

Promoting Recycling:

The team at IPL Brightgreen UK actively promotes recycling and encourages individuals and businesses to adopt recycling practices. By diverting waste from landfills and giving materials a second life through recycling, IPL Brightgreen UK helps conserve natural resources and reduce environmental impact.

Organising Awareness Campaigns: IPL Brightgreen is collaborateing with local communities, schools, and businesses to organise litter pick ups which take place during and prior Earth Day we are committed to being responsible for our Local areas and these litter Pick ups take place in Castleford Near Leeds and Clovelly North Devon.

These efforts aim to educate people about the importance of waste within the environment and why recycling, waste management, and sustainable practices are an important part of everyday life not just Earth Day,

Supporting Environmental Initiatives:

IPL Brightgreen extends its support to various environmental initiatives and projects that align with the goals of Earth Day. These include the British Plastics Federation’s Operation Clean sweep this brings to light how As a business we take responsibility for plastic, how they are managed and how we prevent additional impact by following this OCS guidelines.

Through Environmental Stewardship: and supporting Earth Day, we demonstrate our commitment to being an environmentally responsible business.

Overall, by supporting Earth Day this reinforces our commitment to environmental sustainability and encourages others to join in taking actions that benefit the planet.

Find out more by contacting us we are a transparent circular business that practices what we preach!

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