Meet The Team

Navigating the dynamic landscape of the recycling industry

Jon Smith

Plant Director

As IPL Bright Green’s Plant Director, Jon Smith brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from the plastics industry along with a solid operational excellence ethos. 

Jon’s vast knowledge of different sectors within the industry means he understands what customers want from recycled materials and their different applications.

Jon’s dedication to operational excellence and continuous improvement is what ensures IPL Brightgreen as a business never stands still, and is always innovating and developing. This progress is achieved through the exploration of new technologies, processes and innovation of new products. The development of people and fostering the sustainable professional growth of employees within the organisation whilst sustaining the IPL Groups core values is also at the heart of Jon’s leadership.

IPL Brightgreen is at the forefront of sustainable recycling of plastic waste and packaging materials, Jon continues to encourage growth and change to maintain these achievements and surpass these in the future.

Nicola Taylor

Commercial manager

Nicola’s journey at IPL Brightgreen is a testament to her dedication and commitment to professional growth and development which she has developed through her 26 years of service at IPL Brightgreen. Starting as an apprentice, Nicola has progressed through various roles across the business, demonstrating her versatility, adaptability, and leadership potential.

As the commercial manager, Nicola plays a pivotal role in driving IPL Brightgreen’s commercial strategy and ensuring efficient logistics operations. Her hands-on experience and comprehensive understanding of the business enable her to make informed decisions and lead her team effectively.

Nicola’s passion for recycling, maintaining a circular economy, and innovating underscores her commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. She recognises the importance of promoting recycling practices and developing innovative solutions to minimise waste and maximise resource efficiency.

In her leadership role, Nicola strives to inspire her team to share her passion for recycling and sustainability. By fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, she encourages her team members to explore new ideas and approaches contributing to IPL Brightgreen’s mission of promoting a more sustainable future.

Nicola’s journey from apprentice to Head of Sales and Logistics reflects her dedication, perseverance, and passion for driving positive change within IPL Brightgreen and the broader recycling industry. Her leadership and commitment to sustainability position IPL Brightgreen as a leader in promoting environmental responsibility and innovation.

Ismail Sallu

Finance Director

Ismail is the Finance Director at IPL Brightgreen, who has played a pivotal role in the company’s growth and success.

His integrity, objectivity, competence, diligence, and innovation are the cornerstones of his finance and business leadership approach. Ismail’s unwavering commitment to these principles ensures that IPL Brightgreen operates with the highest standards of professionalism and accountability, fostering trust among stakeholders and driving sustainable growth.

Operating in an evolving environment, Ismail embraces change and innovation, recognising them as opportunities for improvement and advancement. As a strategic partner in the organisation’s drive for success, he leverages his financial acumen and industry knowledge to identify opportunities, mitigate risks, and drive strategic decision-making.

Ismail’s leadership as Finance Director ensures the financial health and stability of IPL Brightgreen and positions the company for long-term success and resilience in a dynamic market landscape. His dedication to continuous improvement and his role as a collaborative partner within the organisation is integral to IPL Brightgreen’s ongoing evolution and growth trajectory.

Mira Kromp

Head of Compliance

Mira is the Head of Compliance at IPL Brightgreen, where she plays a crucial role in ensuring the company’s operations align with legal obligations, including Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) regulations, Environmental Agency (EA) requirements, and ISO standards. With over 13 years of experience in the waste recycling industry, Mira has held various roles in non-hazardous and hazardous waste management businesses, gaining invaluable expertise.

Throughout her career journey, Mira has demonstrated a solid commitment to implementing and maintaining management systems in line with ISO standards, including Quality Management Systems (QMS), Health and Safety Management Systems (H&SMS), and Environmental Management Systems (EMS). Her ability to develop and successfully implement these systems underscores her dedication to operational excellence and regulatory compliance.

Passionate about recycling and sustainability, Mira is driven to achieve high-quality recycled products while minimising environmental impact and ensuring the well-being of IPL Brightgreen employees and surrounding communities. Her daily work and career choices are guided by a commitment to ethics, transparency, and accountability, fostering trust and credibility with customers, suppliers, colleagues, and regulatory bodies.

Mira’s compliance leadership ensures that IPL Brightgreen operates within legal and regulatory frameworks and reinforces the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility and social accountability. Through her ethical and transparent approach, she contributes to IPL Brightgreen’s reputation as a responsible and trustworthy player in the waste recycling industry.

Daniel Cookson

Head of Facilities and Maintenance

As Head of Facilities and Maintenance, Danny Cookson is committed to excellence and problem-solving. With 24 years of dedicated service, Danny has risen from an apprentice to the leader of his department, demonstrating a steadfast dedication to his craft and the development of his team.

His values are rooted in the belief that “everything is possible” and that there is always a solution to every challenge. This optimistic outlook drives his approach to work, inspiring creativity, and resilience in the face of obstacles. Danny’s unwavering belief in finding solutions empowers his team to tackle even the most complex maintenance tasks and projects with confidence and determination.

Under Danny’s leadership, the successful oversight of installing a £4 million PRF (Pre-sorted Recycling Facility) is a testament to his ability to turn vision into reality. His values of perseverance and innovation guided the project to completion, demonstrating his capacity to navigate large-scale endeavours and deliver tangible results.

As a mentor, Danny fosters growth and development within his team, exemplified by the progression of his apprentice to a maintenance supervisor. His values of possibility and empowerment fuel a continuous learning and improvement culture, ensuring his team has the skills and mindset needed to excel in their roles.

Overall, Danny’s values of optimism, determination, and empowerment inform his career, driving him to overcome challenges, inspire his team, and succeed in facilities and maintenance.

Christopher Morgan

Production Manager

Christopher Morgan has served at IPL Brightgreen for nearly 18 years and has progressed to Production Manager, overseeing successful production operations, and driving continuous improvement within the manufacturing field. One notable professional accomplishment during his tenure could be implementing a Lean Manufacturing initiative that significantly improved production efficiency and reduced waste, resulting in substantial cost savings for the company.

Christopher’s values are rooted in the importance of people empowerment and open communication. He recognises that fostering collaboration and transparency is essential for success in manufacturing operations. Christopher ensures everyone feels valued and engaged in production by empowering his team members and promoting open communication channels.

In addition to empowering people, Christopher prioritises good housekeeping practices and adherence to internal processes to maintain a safe working environment. He understands that safety is paramount in manufacturing operations and that following established protocols is crucial for preventing accidents and ensuring the well-being of employees.

Christopher’s commitment to pride in his work and sharing his values with others underscores his dedication to excellence and integrity in everything he does. By leading by example and instilling these values in his team, Christopher drives a culture of accountability and professionalism within IPL Brightgreen’s production department, ultimately contributing to the company’s overall success and reputation in the industry.

Agata Strzalka

Human Resources Business Partner

Agata Strzalka is a Human Resources Business Partner at IPL Brightgreen, overseeing strategic people management across all levels of the HR function. With a CIPD Level 5 qualification in Human Resource Management and extensive experience as a superuser for HR systems such as IFS, Workday, and ServiceNow, Agata brings a wealth of expertise to her role.

Central to Agata’s approach is the belief in the importance of engaging colleagues at all levels and embracing the value of diversity. With over a decade of experience in the manufacturing sector, she understands HR’s pivotal role in driving organisational success by aligning strategic vision with people transformation. Agata recognises that a vital HR function can significantly foster a positive workplace culture and empower employees to thrive.

At IPL Brightgreen, Agata has played a vital role in nurturing an exceptional people culture that is deeply embedded across all departments. Her commitment to fostering inclusivity, diversity, and employee engagement has contributed to the company’s reputation as an employer of choice within the industry. By connecting the organisation’s strategic objectives with its workforce’s needs and aspirations, Agata ensures that IPL Brightgreen remains a dynamic, supportive workplace where employees can grow and excel.

Overall, Agata Strzalka’s leadership in HR exemplifies a strategic and people-centric approach grounded in her expertise, experience, and dedication to fostering a positive and inclusive workplace culture. Through her efforts, she drives organisational success by maximising the potential of IPL Brightgreen’s most important asset: its people.