At IPL Brightgreen, we support the manufacturing industry by providing high-quality recycled materials and tailored solutions.

1. Supply of Virgin-Like Recycled Compounds:

IPL Brightgreen stands out as a recycling supplier due to our complete control over our materials. This control ensures that the recycled compounds it supplies to manufacturers are of the highest quality, resembling virgin plastics. This aspect is crucial for manufacturers who seek sustainable alternatives without compromising on the performance and characteristics of their products.

2. Comprehensive Sorting and Segregation:

Our commitment to sorting and segregating post-consumer recycled plastic is foundational to its support for manufacturing. By meticulously categorising plastics based on types, IPL Brightgreen ensures that the recycled materials are optimised for specific applications. This thorough sorting process contributes to producing recycled compounds that meet the stringent standards required by manufacturers.

3. Management of Challenging Materials:

IPL Brightgreen’s capability to manage materials previously considered challenging is another way we support the manufacturing industry. By developing innovative processes, IPL Brightgreen addresses the complexities associated with different types of plastics, expanding the range of recyclable materials available to manufacturers.

4. Versatility Across Industries:

Collaborating with various industries, including automotive, construction, packaging, and horticulture, showcases IPL Brightgreen’s versatility. This broad industry reach means that the company can tailor its recycling solutions to the unique needs and challenges of different sectors within the manufacturing industry.

5. Contribution to Sustainable Practices:

IPL Brightgreen contributes significantly to the manufacturing industry’s adoption of sustainable practices by supplying high-quality recycled materials. Manufacturers incorporating recycled compounds from IPL Brightgreen into their products reduce their reliance on virgin plastics, resulting in a positive environmental impact and contributing to the overall goals of a circular economy.

Support for the manufacturing industry

IPL Brightgreen’s support for the manufacturing industry goes beyond merely providing recycled materials. It involves a comprehensive approach that includes quality control, customisation, and innovation. By offering solutions that meet manufacturers’ specific requirements, IPL Brightgreen plays a pivotal role in advancing sustainable practices within the manufacturing sector.